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Alcohol Cannabis Oil

AKA: Rick Simpson Oil(RSO)
AKA: Full Extract Cannabis Oil(FECO)

Cannabis oil is a resin from the cannabis plant extracted with, in this case, organic alcohol. Our process extracts 99.8% of all cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.  This gives our final product a full spectrum essential oil, providing the highest form of healing.  We are partnering with Colorado dispensaries to provide Koru Cannabis Oil at low cost for serious medical patients. Please contact us for more information.

hash oil

Alcohol Hash Oil

AKA: Organic Shatter

Alcohol Hash Oil is an alternative form of shatter made without butane!  We extract our hash oil with organic alcohol, leaving behind ZERO harmful chemicals or mystery oils.  Our shatter and wax is a smooth and healthy option for dabbing!



Rosin is a hash made by pressing the juices from either cannabis flower or from Koru Ice Water Hash.  We use professional grade machines and equipment to produce this clean smoking shatter.  Rosin uses ZERO solvents in production, leaving you with an extra clean smoke!

ice water hash

Ice Water Hash

Our Ice Water Hash is produced with fresh mountain water which has been restructured, making our water cleaner and healthier than others.  Ice Water Hash is a very old technique used to wash the trichomes off the plant, which are then collected for you to smoke! A classic hash that won’t leave anytime soon.


Salve/Topical Oils

Koru Healing makes a variety of topical salves, lotions and skin oils.  These oils and salves provide the patient with relaxing vapors from essential oils in combination with healing from the infusion of our cannabis oil.  Koru Skin Care Products are great for many skin conditions such as melanoma, psoriasis, and eczema, and are also great for everyday use!  We recommend application directly after your showers, providing you with full body relaxation.


Koru Capsules

Koru Caps, are pills made specifically for those patients who prefer an easy application of our Cannabis Oil.  These pills are dosed perfectly for beginners and those who need a micro-dosing or “maintenance doses”.  Koru Caps, a perfect replacement for big-pharma!

Koru Tincture

Koru tinctures are made with our Alcohol Cannabis Oil and either an organic alcohol or a glycerin base. Tinctures are an easy way to incorporate cannabis medicine into your daily routine, and the sweet taste of glycerin makes this method great for children in need of cannabis healing.

Koru Edibles

All of our edibles are made using organic and natural ingredients. Perfect for any time of day, we have a wide range of edibles that will satisfy all munchies and also do wonders to heal your body.  Ital is vital!

Koru Cannabis Juice

Juicing raw cannabis provides the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.  Cannabis juice is so simple to incorporate into your daily healthy living routines, and we encourage cannabis juice for maintenance and prevention.